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Training customized to fit you and your dog

Train at my beautiful WV facility 

My desire is to provide you with budget-friendly options.  Whether it is to invite you to come sit on the porch of my beautifully restored log cabin in the foothill and watch a lesson while enjoying the sounds of nature or leaving your dog with me for a period of time while they learn.  I offer:

Puppy Training

Obedience Training

GPS fence or Remote collar Training

Anxiety and Problem Behavior Training

Service Dog Training

Therapy Dog Training


Health begins with diet.  Good behavior begins with health.  pawTree is a wholestic approach to your dogs health.

For years I have been trying to educate people about the dangers of most modern dry dog foods on the market, without endorsing a specific brand.  I have encouraged people to look into what a meat meal is, or what meat by-products is made of.  It has been disheartening to watch dog not live their best life due to being fed foods we wouldn't eat ourselves. 


I have finally found a dog food company I can get behind.  And the even better news is that they sell a lot more than food.

My Story

Hi, I'm Cassandra.  My passion is taking dog training to the next level, with the objective of creating clear communication that builds beautiful relationships. I graduated college in (just kidding... not telling!) with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing and Psychology.  Let's just say I've been around long enough to see a lot of life. Until recently, I was working as an RN teaching people to do hemodialysis at home. Over the years, I have watched how much dogs can improve - and in some cases save - the lives of people struggling with mental or physical illness or disabilities. This has become very personal to me; several years ago, I lost two fingers on my hand in an accident. During my own healing process, I experienced first-hand the gift of the companionship of dogs, and the services a trained dog can provide became even more meaningful. It became my new mission in life to bring this experience to others. Ultimately, my dream is to provide service animals to those who cannot afford them. I'm still working on that - keep watching as my journey unfolds! You can be part of that journey as well, as I bring my experience and training to help you and your dog achieve the best possible friendship. I would love to help your both reach your full potential!

Canine Education

I am an associate member of IACP and received my dog training certification from National K-9 in 2019. I have also spent 1.5 years precepting with a trainer who had over 20 years of experience in various dog training fields, and I work closely with local veterinarians.

I expanded my obedience training to include classes with Training Between the Ears.  Those classes are specifically designed to help dogs with aggression and anxiety.  Their focus is on minimal stress training with relaxation and perception modification. These techniques can be used to help with anxiety and aggression, and many other behaviors as well, guiding your dog to its healthiest possible state of mind. (I find they work pretty well on humans, too!) I look forward to bringing these techniques to help you and your dog find better emotional balance, and a mutually rewarding relationship that lasts for a lifetime.
But don't just take my word for it - check out my Testimonials page loaded with success stories and more pupper pics!

I am currently take a service and therapy dog certification course through Animal Behavioral Institute.  I do currently have several service dogs working for their owners.  The certification is just icing on the cake!

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