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Puppy Training with Faithful Friends

Having fun while learning words

I am offering a service that isn't found in most locations.  I offer puppy training for  puppies under 16 weeks.  What a puppy can learn and do at 8 weeks old is simply amazing.  Puppy training is positive only training, and it is meant to be used for teaching the commands and building the puppies confidence.   No consequences  are given to a puppy as cause and effect thinking doesn't start until around 16 weeks.  Regardless of the level you pick the puppy will be socialized to grooming handling, cats, dogs, people, and various  sounds and surfaces.   Puppies will not be 100% reliable with the commands   and some people find they want a lesson or two more when the puppy hits around  6 months so they can learn how to deal with the  adolescent phase.

I only allow vaccinated dogs on my property to decrease the risk to your puppy.   I do recommend the first two doses of the vaccine be completed before boarding for puppy training.  As always, if you have concerns always discuss your options with you vet. 


Primary Puppy


This package is geared towards opening communication and socializing the dog to things that will make life less stressful in the long run.  Puppy is socialized to ear, mouth, and paw handling, friendly cats and dogs and people.  The behaviors of play biting and jumping on people will be discouraged, as well as the commands of sit, lie down, and loose leash walk

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Child Playing with Dog

Perfect Puppy

 Get started off on the right paw $800

There is nothing better than beginning a new life-long friendship with confidence, trust, and clear communication. This package teaches the fundamentals of heel with auto sit, sit, down, come, wait, off, crate up, and no play biting.  Because they are young, commands are not always 100% reliable at first; but if you follow up as instructed, you and your puppy can grow together into a healthy and loving relationship. Catching bad habits before they start is an early investment that saves you time and money in the long run!
*Cut off age is 16 weeks.


Premium Puppy ($1100)

You won't believe that a puppy can learn!

Over the years I have found that a puppy can learn everything an adult does, they just process information differently.  This package gives you everything you need for a great life with your dog: socialization, body handling socialization, heel, sit, down, come, off, stay, place, out, wait, crate up, and leave it!

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Puppy in Red Cushion
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