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Training Method

About the method

I use a balance training approach.  Balanced means that the dog is encouraged and motivated to learn, enthusiastically praised when he succeeds, and only corrected when it will be the most beneficial communication for the dog.  My goal is to make "behaving" fun and rewarding for your dog, so that is the behavior he naturally chooses. 

There is an idea out there that training can be entirely positive.  As a student of psychology, I can tell you that no such world exists.  If I use treats as a reward for good behavior and then I don't give the treat when bad behavior occurs, that is a negative punishment.  In a seminar I recently took Mark McCabe made the point that what we are all looking for in training is humane treatment towards the dog.  My goal is never to stress your dog badly enough that he will not immediately take a treat from my hand.  That lets your dog's emotional state guide my training.  Sometimes correcting a bad behavior, instead of just rewarding good behavior,  is the fastest and safest way to learn a lesson. 

What do corrections look like?

Corrections are given using a quick tugs on the leash using the minimum force needed to motivate the dog to make the right choice.  Different collars can be used depending on the level of correction needed.  Some behaviors can also be addressed much faster with an e-collar. Those options will be discussed during the evaluation and you will have the chance to consent to  or decline their use.  Each dog is different, so the training will be tailored to your dog's personality, intelligence, and motivation level.  Due to my desire to tailor my training to your dog's needs, only estimate prices are provided online and not all packages will be available for all dogs.

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