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Remote collars and GPS fences

A tool is only as good as how  you use it.  That  is so very true for the variety of electric dog training tools on the market.  This page will give you some new options and pros and cons for each of  them.

E-collars remote collars

Not the old "shock collar"

I train with and sell e-collar technologies collars and accessories (made in the USA).   They use a blunt stimulation instead of the old fashion shock, and I would describe the feel as like that of a medical TENS unit (more like a tickle than a shock).   I can work anxious and aggressive dogs through their issues with these collars.   Most dogs will respond to  levels that are below what you can feel on your hand.   You can address endless behavior issues with these units.  What's the down side?  They have to be on your dog, and your dog might figure out when he isn't wearing one.

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E-collar bark collars

The beauty of  silence

It used to be that if you  used a bark collar you assigned a "shock level"  and then your  dog would really feel the correction when they barked.   The new technology is a smart bark collar which  will learn your dog's individual type of bark and also start low and slowly increase the  correction level until the barking stops.   Once the barking stops  the collar resets to the lowest setting.   So your dog essentially gets to chose how much of a correction she or he ever receives.

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Black Dog

GPS Fences

A fence that moves with you.

There  are a  few  different  GPS fence systems on the market at the moment.  I am a certified trainer for Spot-On.  These is also a  company named  Halo on the market.  I will be discussing Spot-On.    These fences work on underground or wireless electric fences, but they are  not limited to where you can run the line, how level your yard is, or the distance the transmitter can reach.  They can cover 100s of  acres if you like, or just cover your back yard.  You can store up to  10 fences in your smart phone.  One for your yard, a few for your friends' places, and a few for family.  When you go somewhere you just turn the fence on with your phone.  You don't need cell  service.  Cons:  The collar is a bit bulky, and  I have noticed some issues with mountains or thick forest  mountains with the GPS  signal.

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Remote collar Training

New technology solving old problems ($299)

Have a dog that needs to run but your afraid he won't come back?  Or have a dog that loves to dig, but you can never get to him fast enough.  Remote collars offer amazing solutions to some problems.

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Electric fence training

Wireless, in ground, or GPS  ($299)

There are a lot of alternatives to the wooden fence that blocks your beautiful mountain view.  Most systems include instructions on how to train your dog to the system, but if that is more than you want to tackle, let me do it for you.  Training will involve 3-4 sessions.

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