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Therapy Dog Training

Therapy dog Training, certification, and insurance

Therapy Dog Training

After reviewing a few different therapy dog certification organizations, it appears that most of the hands-on testing is a modification of the AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification Test.  The components involve basic heeling on a leash with auto sit when you stop, stay from a distance, accepting being handled and brushed by a stranger and a few othessr.  Some organizations add in taking a treat gently from someone's  hand.  I offer training for your dog to get them ready for the therapy dog certifications from whichever organization you chose to work with. 

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Therapy Dog Certification

Why get certified by an organization?  Certification is what will allow you to go into most health care institutions.   Not every certification will get you into every institution.  You will need to call your local nursing home or hospitals to see if they have a list of acceptable organizations.

If you are looking for general therapy dog  certification for the purpose of Christian ministry you might want to check out Canine's for Chirst

If you are not interested in ministry and looking to work with a national organization with a local chapter you can consider Therapets of Roanoke Valley which work nationally under Pet Partners

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Therapy dog insurance

If you aren't looking to go into an institution where you will need certification, you may still want to consider getting certified so you can carry insurance as a therapy dog and handler team.  Almost all organization that certify a therapy dog will offer insurance as part of their yearly fees.

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