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Although my services are generally tailored to each client’s specific pet needs, there are some questions that often come up again and again. Read on and find out if there’s already an answer for yours. If there is anything you’re still wondering about or unsure of, please don’t hesitate to call or send me a message and I’ll get back to you shortly.

What does Faithful Friends LLC do differently than others in your field?

My goal is ultimately building relationship, not obedience tricks.  I want your dog to learn that he can trust you.  I will teach you that you can communicate with your dog in ways you might not even think possible.  And in doing that, you can learn to trust your dog as well.

What is your training methodology?

Please see my page dedicated to this topic

Which types of animals does Faithful Friends LLC train?

I train all dogs of all ages.  As early as 10 weeks I can begin working with your puppy to start learning language and basic obedience.  At 14 weeks I can start training most skills.  I have taught several dogs that are probably within the last 2-4 years of life, and they can learn just as well as the younger dogs, it just takes a little more time.

Why do you charge by the command

I have found that most dog trainers charge by the week.  Their goal is to teach your dog to well behaved (their idea of what that looks like) in any environment.  And while I applaud them on the excellent results I have often seen, prices are running anywhere from $1000-$2000 a week in most locations in this nation.   I believe this exceeds both what most people can afford and what they are looking for from there dog.  My pricing allows you do to exaclty what you want, or just what you can afford.  But everyone should be able to find an options they can afford with me.

How long do you keep my dog with the residence packages?

Timing will somewhat vary due to the breed and age of the dog, but it averages a day a command for the level 1 commands, and 2 to 3 days for each of the level 2 and level 3 commands.

What is your facility like?

I currently operate out of my home, which is great news for your dog.  As long as your dog is dog friendly, they will live in my home with my pack.  For some dogs, I do move them into an air conditioned garage at night.  There are matts on the floor and dog beds in each professional grade kennel.  For those dogs that are traditionally kept outside, or are not the best with other dogs, I have a large fenced in 60ft x 60ft exercise yard with 7ft fenceing with a 10x10 kennel inside that yard with cloth sides and a roof.  I also have a plastic dog house within that 10x10.  Those dog's will be kenneled in the garage at night.  You are always welcome to make an appointment to stop by before scheduling a training.

What would I need to send with my dog?

  1. Signed boarding contract

  2. Copy of vaccinations

  3. Enough food to last for the duration of the dog's stay

  4. Flee and tick medication  (We will take frequent hikes, you can opt out of the hikes for your dog if you like.  Ticks will come home on the other dogs so medication is required either way)

Which types of animals does Faithful Friends LLC train?

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How can I pay?

Processing fees for business electronic transfers and credit card process run about 2-3 percent on amount charged plus transactions fees.  My busines model is set up to try to make dog training affordable, so I appropriate your cooperation with cash for small purchases.  I do accept paypal and credit cards for larger purchases.   Below is a paypal link to my payment page.  At present it is the most affordable option

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